Who is NAP?

The NATIVE AMERICAN PARTNERSHIP (NAP) FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS PROMOTION is a collaboration between New Mexico’s Tribes and Pueblos, and the New Mexico Department of Health’s (DOH) Population & Community Health Bureau. Working together to promote health and wellness in ways that are meaningful to our Native communities, NAP and the DOH’s Diabetes Prevention & Control Program and Heart & Stroke Program work to: identify and address diabetes and health-related common concerns and gaps; be an open forum for listening and sharing of ideas; acknowledge agency and sovereignty boundaries and processes and work to lessen the challenges these boundaries may present. NAP is led by our Core Committee, a group of volunteers who provide strategic direction and leadership for our organization’s tribal community engagement, training opportunities, and Annual Conference.

Wellness web

NAP’s Core Committee (from left to right): Guest Janna Vallo, Paula Szloboda, Carol Cruz, Harriet Yepa-Waquie, Teresa Clay, Jason Vigil, and guest Jovian Henio.

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